Video Player Crashes Cubase 10.5

I’ve only had this problem since Cubase 10, but it’s a huge one, as I have a major film project due in 2 weeks. I’ve tried with .mov, .mpg and .avi (all formats the manual claims are compatible), it always results in a crash to Cubase or the computer. When I try to import an .avi file, nothing happens, it isn’t imported. I’ve scanned the forums, and obviously many have this problem, but few solutions are offered. I’ve read that Cubase doesn’t use Quicktime anymore, but nowhere is explained what that means practically. I don’t know how a program like Cubase can work fine with video for decades, but suddenly it’s a huge problem. It’s the first time in 20 years I’m considering switching to another DAW, because this problem seems inexcusable. I’m using a Mac Pro (late 2013) with a AMD FirePro D500 Graphics Card. High Sierra 10.13.6


Could you ZIP and attach the *.crash file, please?

You can find it in the macOS Console utility.

I can’t find the Console Utility, using Finder doesn’t find it. Could you be more specific about it’s location? Thanks.

Meanwhile, I’m managing to work with a .mov file, but only if i start with an empty project, and slowly add vst instruments to it. If I start in a project with several ensembles ready, it crashes.


Applications > Utilities > Console.

I would also recommend to read the Video support in Nuendo, Cubase, WaveLab and Dorico article. (1.1 KB)

This may be one of the crash reports, the time on it was around the time I was having them today.

I think I found the culprit, and will retract the complaining. I should have known better than have Chrome running at the same time, but couldn’t imagine the result…Chrome alone takes up little CPU, as does Cubase normally. But when both are running, suddenly it goes up exponentially to 90% +. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, but it seems counterintuitive. And with a lower resolution video file, the video player is running not perfect, but okay now.


Sorry, you have attached just the Alias, not the source *.crash file.