Video player freezes Cubase 10 pro

Hey folks!

I’m having issues with the video player in Cubase 10 pro. The video starts and freezes whilst the audio plays along just fine. The video catches up if I paus the playback and then resume at which point the video starts playing for a short bit and then freezes again. I can tap space really quickly to play/pause/play/pause etc and get a chunky film experience.

I’m not sure how to proceed here. The format of the video (MPEG 4) is supported according to the Manuals and the project is synced to the frames of the video. My video player is fixed and active.

Here’s some information about the video that might assist in the matter.
MPEG 4 Video File - H.264
30fps - 400frames - 2048x2048pixel
13.333s - 11.65MB - 1 Audio stream(s)

I’m grateful for any help you can assist me with in this matter. I’m quite lost here!


Hi and welcome,

Could you place the short example of the video to some cloud folder (Dropbox or similar) and share the link here to try to reproduce it, please?

same problem here, video is fine through other players - VLC/QUICKTIME etc, but choppy with cubase.
any assistance would be great


Cubase is using own player, independent on QuickTime oVLS or other player.

Could you provide a video parameters: codec, frame-rate, etc. Could you attach a short example?

Hi Martin.
Thanks for your response
Will get a sample/s into dropbox over the weekendI have both Mpeg4/H.264 And Quicktime/H.264

Using both on high end W10 machines, 8thGen I7 chipsets and good graphics cards

Hi. I faced the same issue. After uninstalling QuickTime video plays mush smoother in Cubase 10 Elements. Hope it helps.

One other thing to try is setting your graphics card to an ‘Optimise for Performance’ setting.

hi i have windows 10 where can i find quick time to uninstall

Hi and welcome,

Use the standard Windows Uninstaller native application to uninstall it.

i have the very same issue. Successive updates didn’t change anything.
Projects that used to work show now the freezing video player.
Here’s some information about one of the videos that previously worked :
H.264 - 24pfs - 6288 frames - 640x360 pixels - quick time video file

I would be grateful if someone could give a good advice,
best regards,

Hi and welcome,

What changed since the time it was working, please?

Hi Martin, thank you for asking.

Well the first time this trouble came into the way, it was about 1 year ago, i was using cubase 9 but as far as i remember nothing had changed. Same hardware, maybe just some update in windows 10. Now and then the video player started to work again. In march it went to freeze again (the player) and i made un update to cubase 10, hoping that would help, but it didn’t. It hasn’t worked since (and i needed not to use it).

Strange isn’t it ?
I hope it’s a known issue,
thank you for reading.

Hi Mickaël,

If you are on Windows, could you make a dmp file by using Microsoft ProcDump, please?

i created a full dmp file but it’s about 5Go.
Maybe a light file would be enough if you know what kind of event to seek.
Meanwhile, i shall try to get a dropbox…


Upload it to Dropbox or similar service and share the link here, please.

here it is at last :

Hope that will help.


Unfortunately the DMP file is very generic. There is no specific info, which would point to anything specific. I’m sorry.

Thank you Martin for your investigations.
The other day the player was stuck but today it works.
Yesterday I sacrificed a chicken, maybe that is the point …
If it goes wrong, I’ll go get a ticket.


I am having a similar problem, and have had this problem with every version of Cubase I’ve owned (8, 8.5)

Recently I had a project that used a video file. One day I opened the project (I believe after the project crashed or Cubase hard quit on me), and the project loads up until the point where it would show the video track, and the whole thing freezes. I can recover the audio, but of course now I have to figure out where it all goes, lol. I can’t even open a deactivated version of the project to just delete the video track.

It has already happened on a 2nd project. I can only conclude that Cubase Video players crash my computer.
Anyways, I would LOVE to be able to score to video as Cubase pro is intended to do, but I simply cannot. I’ll try uninstalling Quicktime and report back, I guess?