Video Player - Integrate into workspace

While I understand many use a separate monitor for the video playback window ( I do occasionally) but I often just use a small on-screen video window which floats over the main GUI. It’s always in sync … and often all I need at certain points in my workflow.

But its always in the way! I find no matter where I put it I have to move it way too often.

Seeing as Nuendo and Cubase now embrace a “single window” design … which I like btw… could the Video window perhaps be given the ability to be integrated in the workspace somewhere? Perhaps in the Lower Section to the right of the Mixer… in it’s own pane with a tab?

It might get hidden on occasion when editing or get covered my other windows, but that would be fine. In all honesty I don’t need it constantly. When I’m really focussing on the audio I don’t look at the video at all actually!

Not to give multi-screen users any problems … but I like to use just one. Weird but true.


I had the same issue until… I got another monitor.

There is already a solution and is right there in your own title – workspace.

Arrange the video player, the mixer, and your main arranger window as the way you wish, i.e. the lower section, and save it as a workspace from the “workspace” menu. Then close the video player, enlarge your arranger window, and save it as another workspace. Now you can toggle between the 2 window arrangements with hotkeys (alt+numpad by default)

i’d also love to see a “docked” video window solution.