Video Player not displaying properly in HiDPI mode

I am on Windows 10.

This is literally my first day with Nuendo, so bear with me if I’m missing something obvious, but I think maybe this is a bug?
If HiDPI mode is engaged (i’m on a 4k monitor scaled 150%), the video player only shows a portion of the video file and is cut off quite a bit. Resizing doesn’t fix it, nor does going fullscreen. I also tried re-importing the video file too with the same results. Video is an h.264 .mp4 file.

I also tried converting to an h.264 with a .mov container with the same results.

anyone else experiencing this? or is it just me?

What happens if you turn off HDPI? Is it correct?

Have tried right click settings?

It looks totally normal in non-hidpi mode. I get 100% of the frame and TC overlay.

When hidpi mode is on, I get maybe a quarter of the total frame.

I have. Unfortunately, I get the same results, just bigger or smaller.

Also its driving me crazy that I can’t edit my typo in the title of this thread.

No one else on Windows experiences this?

I just tried this again on another project with a different reference video file, and the problem is exactly the same.

To change the title of the thread, just edit the first post.

Thanks! That was really driving me crazy.

Now I wish I could find a solution for my Nuendo problem! HiDPI mode looks so easy-on-the-eye on my monitor, but I’m stuck in non-HiDPI mode so my video’s will scale properly.

I swapped my NVIDIA GPU for an AMD one, and now when I close the video player window and reopen it, the video will correct itself.