Video player stuck in fullscreen mode


When I choose the fullscreen mode option the video player gets stuck and wont revert to project window. Tried F8, Exit fullscreen mode, ALT +TAB, updated NVIDIA graphics driver. Updating to 8.0.30 didnt help either.

Nothing seems to work exept quitting the program.

On win 7 clean install.

Anyone know a solution to this annoying problem?



I’ve had a similar problem. The Escape key does nothing, right click does nothing. For me, F8 would turn off the video window but I could only bring it back fullscreen.

The solution for me was to double click on the video image itself. This works as a toggle to go between fullscreen and your previous video size. It’s the kind of thing you’ll feel like you’ve tried already, but try again and make sure.

I can confirm the same problem in 8.5.2 on both Mac 64bit and Windows 7 64bit platforms.

Same issue here with Nuendo 7.

Found the solution.

At least in OS X, you can right click on the window for different size options. This was driving me crazy!

Under Win10: Hit ALT+F4