Video player - visual distortion/pixelation and audio issue

Hi there,
I’m experiencing issues with my video playback in Cubase 9.0.40. (PC)
The video player will play normally to begin with and then within 15-30 seconds or so the image will start distorting with pixelation as show in this image
Cubase 9.0.40_screencapture.PNG.jpg
Even more strange when I import video with narration/voiceover from the beginning, Cubase is doubling some of the lines at the start, almost like it’s inadvertently cutting the first word and doubling it? I’ve tried converting the video file to MOV / pro-res and with different codecs but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. First time I’ve experienced these types of problems in Cubase.
Any ideas?

Hello, I had the same problems. It was the fault of the new video card driver. I gave an older driver and it works.

Thanks for the reply - are you able to specify what driver you had issue with?
My motherboard is an ASUS z270A Prime, it runs Intel® HD Graphics 630 card and the driver was up to date, I tried a previous version but I’m getting the same problem. The system performance seems normal other than this.

maybe codecs ? I have Cubase 9.5, upgrading ?