Video Player Window resizing itself?

(Using Nuendo6+Nek6)

Just started a job which involves putting music and sound effects to a short video.
A Quicktime movie to be exact.
Everything is working fine except for the fact that everytime I open the project,
the video player window has resized itself and covers most of my monitor screen.
It immediately corrects itself as soon as I hit my jump to left locator key command,
or any action actually.
The first time it happened I couldn’t tell what it was and made the mistake of
resizing the video window manually.
That messed up my previous saved window state size.

This video I’m working on isn’t a standard size video.
They have made it like a banner add, (1000 X 109 pixels)
Maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyone else seen this?
Not a show stopper but its not pretty in front of clients.
Decided to post this here because no one is answering in the Nuendo Forum.