Video problem Imac lion


i have cubase 5.5.3 installed on my 2011 imac i7 comp. It is working perfect except video. When i try to import video file using import video, video clip is playing fine in preview window of cubase. When i clik ok and it loads onto cubase video track it is still playing fine until i press stop and then play again. Then it starts dragging, it is still playing but not smooth anymore. Audio works perfect but video file is not. Tried disabeling thumbnails, enlarging cash size and everything else that might help. I don’t understand why it is playing fine in preview window (import video window) and the first time it is loaded into project.

Please any help

Regards Drago

couple things to search for - i dont know if c5 is officially supported on lion so maybe that has something to do with it. check the steinberg knowledge base

i think i remember people having issues with certain video codecs - post what type of video file you are importing to your project.

im not on C5 so these are just some thoughts