Video problem!!!

Hello all,

I’d be very grateful for some help!!!

I recently upgraded to Cubase 6.5 and found that I get the message, “Project - Video Frame Rate Mismatch.”

When I go to the Video Player page in Device Setup… I see the message, Please update yourgraphics card driver or switch to a more effective graphics."

There is no video player in the Devices drop down menu.

The strange thing is that I have Cubase 5 installed on the same computer and video files play back perfectly when using this.

I have an Nvidia 8400 graphics card which I have checked and it has the most up to date driver installed.

I’d be very grateful if anyone could help me to get video up and running in Cubase 6.5

Many thanks,



I’m still having this problem…Would really appreciate some help!!!

As of Cubase6, there is only the one playback engine (based on QuickTime).

Maybe, go to Project Setup from one of the drop-down main menus (can’t remember which one), and set the frame rate to match your vid inside there - I think there’s even an option to “Get frame rate from video”. Might help…