Video reading freezes

Hello, I cannot find this topic in the forum so I ask.

I have a “normal” mp4 video that works on all players I have, windows, mac, no problem.
When I read this video in dorico, a few frames move and then it freezes. If I go somewhere else, a few frames and then freeze.
I took the option “same as video” in the parameters, so it’s not that.

What could possibly be going on here and how to solve this please, I’m in trouble.
Thank you.
link to the video

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Is your Dorico file long enough to cover the entire length of time the video would run? IIRC if the Dorico file is shorter than the video, the video will stop when Dorico reaches the end of its play time. At least that’s how I recall the Dorico video capability working when it was first introduced.

The video plays OK for me here in Dorico. If you create a new project with a single instrument and a hundred or so bars, then attach the video there and play back, does the video play as expected?

Hello Sir,
My apology for taking so long to get back to you.
This trouble made me late and I had to fight a tight deadline absorbing me entirely.

I did the test you requested and the situation is exactly the same.
What could be of interest to you, is that I solved the problem on my part by making another video with different speed.
You can have both of them here 5 Little-Monkey dreams of running fast
The “edit” video doesn’t work in my Dorico, any project, any number of bars.
The V2 video works in all projects even with a small number of bars.
This is a problem that I had before.

I’m working on a high standard microsoft surface book 3.
I don’t understand how it could work for you and not for me.
I’m using Dorico Pro 5

Thank you, have a nice day.
Best Regards

Were the sound sampling rates (44.1 vs 48K) compatible between video and Dorico and computer sound card?

It’s a mute video, but I don’t know the answer to this, I don’t think it changed between the two videos, the one that works and the one that does not.

The only difference between the two videos appears to be the frame rate, which is 24fps for the non-working video and 29.97fps for the working one. I’m afraid I can’t offer any explanation as to why one works and the other doesn’t, but I’m glad you were able to get unblocked.

Okay, thank you. This is something happening several times, so I guess we wait and see if other users experience the same or not. I have an alternative plan, so it’s not fatal, just annoying.