Video Render Export


Read somewhere that video render export was going to be available on 9.0.30. Is that possible with this update? The only option I see is replace Audio in video file.


9.03 introduced the new video engine. Replace audio in video is not possible. The rendering of video is a “future development”

Is this possible with the new update? I remember them saying it would be a feature in 9.0.3 but that never came to pass.

I would like this very much.

Is video export introduced in 9.5? That would be a godsend. I wouldn’t have to have my annual rant on why there’s no video export anymore!

Has the Video Render Export functionality been introduced yet? It’s been almost a year since this was intimated.

Not yet… And still no Replace Audio in Video…

Why there was Replace Audio in Cubase 8.5 and disappear in 9.5 it’s really a nightmare !!! and scandalous

Because Apple dropped Quicktime support for Windows and Steinberg had to come up with a new video engine.

Maybe a new tool in a next release ?