[Video] Retrologue 2 Showcase (100% Retrologue 2)

Backstory: When Steinberg released Retrologue 2, not enough people got quite as excited as I did.

I felt as if I was the only person on the planet to appreciate the full power of Retrologue 2, so I set out on a space mission - these are the sounds I returned to Earth with.

In truth: I think the new Retrologue 2 is an incredibly underrated synth, so I produced this demo as proof.

All patches - including FX and drum sounds - are my own custom presets, designed to put Retrologue 2 to the test.

All programmed in the new Cubase Pro 8.5 - I call this project, “Captain’s Log”.

EDIT: These presets are now available to purchase, CLICK HERE

Cool stuff.

nice work…you’ve got great command of the synth as well!

That was amazing, there’s material for 20 songs in there!
Thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you! Glad you find it inspiring… I kinda feel like the synth is to blame, though. Once I started playing with it, I just went on and on and couldn’t help myself. :laughing:

Thank you… Retrologue 2 is a very special synth, I’ve found it quick to learn, although I still haven’t made much use of the amazing arpeggiator yet.

Thanks! :slight_smile: