Video Scene Cuts Finder

It’ll be great if Nuendo could find the cuts on the movies and create position or cycle markers to each cut.

It’s a time saver, Logic does it, so it’s possible.

When cutting to picture, being able to jump between cuts makes editing so much faster… and Since we can use more than one marker track, it makes super convenient for long features. I use it, I do the scene cuts marker feature of logic to create the markers, the export it to cdv and then import. But it’ll be great to have in our wonderfull beat daw that nuendo is!!!

If my memory serves right, this was already discussed, addressed and a solution was posted…

Might be it :question: :question:

Any pro subtitling sofware does it with a click. (We use EZTitles) Didn’t even know that logic does it too. I 2nd. the idea btw.