Video Scoring - How to adjust tempo for a section, keep the rest as is?

I am working on a score for a short film. I have music done for various sections of the film, but I need to put a part in before where I already have music.

My problem is that if I change the tempo on the tempo track, which I need to do for this part, it affects the alignment of the video and music for the remaining video.

I tried putting a tempo point at the end of where I want to add my audio content, but it didn’t help. All my audio tracks are set to musical mode, and the video is of course linear.

I imagine I could put an extreme and short tempo change at the end of my section, but that seems ridiculous and problematic with getting the timing correct again.

Any help? What’s the proper way to deal with changing tempo part-way through a video and keep everything aligned properly?

EDIT: Maybe I figured it out. I resized my music clip with “Resize applies time stretch” on to align a particular audio event near the end of the music clip with the appropriate frame in the video. Then I used the Time Warp tool to realign the grid to my clip events. I had the ending tempo point a couple of bars past the end of my event, and applied the Time Warp tool just before that point. Opinions on doing this are appreciated.