Video Scoring issue

I am scoring a film. I can introduce the video into Dorico as directed, and even play the video on its own with Dorico. However, once I attempt to record (freestyle) anything, the video screen goes completely black, even though the sound (ambience, dialog, etc.) still plays. I CAN notate ad hoc if I want to just enter notes piecemeal (i.e…a block chord at a given bar), but not while I am actually playing the video at the same time. Explain. Thanks. (P.S. Miles David used a freestyle method in this film…perhaps this might give you some idea of what I mean…“Play it as the scene progresses…”…Jeanne Moreau - Miles Davis - Louis Malle - Paris - 1958 - YouTube

You don’t say what version of Dorico you’re using, Charles, but in both Dorico 4.3(.30) and the current Dorico 5.0.10 versions, video sync is correct during playback, but incorrect during real-time recording. We of course plan to try to resolve this in Dorico 5 as soon as possible.

Version 5. But thanks for the prompt response. I look forward, as I am sure any number of composers do, to your company’s resolution to this issue…