Video Screen Capture Software - recommendations?

I was interested in making a youtube of a portion of a Cubase editing session. The options I saw were either free-ware with many many complaints of adware/malware piggybacking its way on, or paying $300+ for something like Camtasia.

Does anyone have a recommendation for something in-between? :smiley:


Low tech solution - phone movie!

Magix Video Deluxe plus, around € 99. No idea how good it works as I don’t have it but was looking into the matter myself recently. There’s a freeware called ‘CamStudio’ that comes without a boatload of malware I think but it doesn’t capture sound.

Thx for that. Can’t say from personal experience, but I’ve heard about malware with Camstudio also.

Rylstim Screen Recorder

All work, all have some limitations, but all are viable. I use Rylstim most, it only captures the screen, I narrate by taking it into Sony Vegas

EZVid is good but limited to 720 not full HD.

All of the above are free. But, use at your own risk, make sure your AV is up to date.