Video screen's full screen state won't save

Have anyone else encountered this problem?
A while ago I noticed that after saving my project with the video set to full screen on my 2nd monitor, closing cubase and opening the project again, the video was in windowed mode and I had to set it to full screen.
This happens everytime I open my project with the video.
However, if I:

  1. Set the video to fullscreen
  2. Close the project (without exiting cubase completely)
  3. Open my saved project…
    the video opens at full screen, just as I left it.

I’ve been in contact with steinberg support, they suggested that I remove the preference folder and try again without any of my settings. So I did but the issue presisted.
Now I’ve recenlty upgrade my computer and did a fresh install of windows 11 with new CPU, MB and storage. The issue still persist, so I’m starting to figure this might be a bug that more people have encountered. Have anyone else encountered this problem?

Windows 11 v. 10.0.22621
Cubase Pro 12.0.70
CPU: Intel Core i7-13700K
Motherboard: MSI PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4
Ram: 64GB
Storage: 2 TB NVME