Video service not responding

I’m experiencing an oldie but goodie with the N7x updates, no Quicktime video. Video works fine in N6.5 and Pro Tools 11.3.2 but in N7.0.35 I get a greyed out video file and the “video service is not responding” message. Anyone else seeing this problem? john.

Do you by any chance get an error message when trying to run Quicktime Player “Error 54 - could not load Active X Control”? This happened to me, and I only just found the fix for this (and it does involve a little bit of messing around)
Please see the attached text file - and follow the instructions very carefully, to the letter.
This worked for me, and Quicktime is now back & running again (for me, anyway)

I hope this helps

Text file not allowed, so here is the full text:

The solution: There is an old NT utility called SubInAcl.exe that can be used to reset permissions in Windows XP and also in Vista.

Step 1: Vista’s User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled for these steps to work (Control Panel → Turn User Account Control Off). You may enable UAC back on after these steps. And you should run this as admin.
Step 2: Download subinacl.msi from Microsoft and install it.
Step 3: Download my modified version of reset.cmd from here and save the file in ‘C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools’.
for Vista 64-bit: to ‘C:\Program Files (X86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools’
Step 4: Open Command Prompt (press the Windows Start button and type CMD) and type the following without quotes (hit Enter):
‘cd c:\program files\windows resource kits\tools’
for Vista 64-bit: ‘cd c:\program files (X86)\windows resource kits\tools’
Step 5: Now type ‘reset.cmd’ and hit Enter (without quotes)
You will see the Command Line Tool running for some seconds. The issue should have been fixed and Quicktime should run again.

AFTER you install subinacl.msi, go to C:Program Files (x86)Windows Resource KitsTools and right-click on subinacl.exe and change its compatibility mode to Windows Vista (Service Pack 2). Do the same thing to the reset.cmd file that you downloaded.

Every set of instructions on the web leaves out the part about changing the compatibility of the subinacl.exe file, which from all the research I did, isn’t a normal Windows 7 component. So by NOT changing the compatibility of the file, it doesn’t run right. This is the ONLY way the fix in the link will work properly on Windows 7.

Thanks Neil but no, I don’t get that message (or any variance) and I’m on Mac. Currently working with some of the Yamaha guys and reinstalling the whole application, fun times! john.

Turns out it’s 7.0.35 that causes video to fail, rolled back to 7.0.20 and everything is fine.


same isue here. Nuendo 7.0.20 video plays perfect. Update to 7.0.35 and video device is not responding.
Video device is Black Magic extreme with latest drivers.
Downgraded to 7.0.20 and all it fine.

Please can you look at this? I do Video post only!

Frank Koppelmans

I get the Video device not responding error also. But I am not running any video. Hmmm.
I do mix to pix from time to time, and resync of music mixes for videos, but on my current projects I do not vene have a video card attached.

Anyone else?


Sorry it’s happening to you guys too but I am happy to know it’s not just me! Steinberg is looking into it but it’s apparently quite unusual. I’ll let them know to check this thread. john.

For dannyLnyc and Frank Koppelmans, here’s the fix Steinberg helped me to: I had Flip4Mac installed on my system (for those occasional clients that send WMV’s) and it was that program that was crashing the video service. The latest update didn’t help (and I rarely use it) so I uninstalled it and everything is back to normal. There is a knowledgebase article here:

Hello John,
Thanks for that fix, never would have thought that was an issue.