Video Service?????

I keep getting two different error screens from C7.

  1. The video service stopped working.
    This affects MediaBay scanning, video import and playback.
    please save your project and restart the application.

  2. ( when shutting C7 down) Video Service not responding.

I only work in audio so what are these messages and why do I receive them?

What happens if you move all video related files from the Components folder of Cubase?

I dont see any video related files in the components folder. library/audio/plugins/components

And none in the components folder in the application itself just .bundle files.

In that case, you will need to either start in Safe Mode, or delete preference files from the Application Data Folder via the Start Menu.

Thanks mate… I’ll try that. Cheers

I had the same error when shutting down down Cubase (both 6.5 and 7). I renamed videoservice.dll (or something similar) to videoservice.dllx and the problem disappeared. The file is in the components folder than emotive mentioned. It’s a work around assuming that you don’t need video support.

Edit: You might be looking in the wrong folder. It’s in C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\Components.

Thank you Tanant. I will give that a try. Cheers