video service

I’m sure someone can help me, because stein berg doesn’t seems to find a solution. I don’t have any controller instal on my computer (and no novation software) BUT I still have this "service video " issue that freeze the opening or the closing project window.
Sure I’m looking on the forum but still don’t find a logic solution.

So please, is there someone for telling me that my computer is abnormal or stein berg is just working like this?

Direct dialogue with stein berg look like impossible…

Thanks to the community for helping

Do you get the message ‘the video decoder service has stopped working’?

I get this. I think it’s a specific plugin but haven’t worked out which one yet.

yes indeed,
I would say that is not an extra plug in , because I have tested on another clean computer without any extra plugin and I get the same buggy video service which I event can’t shut out.

I really think that it can be fixed, that will explain the stein berg silence.I really hope that I wrong. But for the moment it absolutely impossible to switch from lot’s of open project.Always have to wait between the activation project

Fell alone.

zero news from stein berg !!!