Video setting multi screen

To date, playing videos in a separate window causes problems when you “exit” the vstlive window during the live broadcast. Example, I opened vst live and my keyboard mixer via sound card; I have to make a small change during a song and when I select the sound card mixer window, the vstlive window where the video plays also disappears. As soon as I click on vst live screen the video playback window reappears. This is not good because I may need to change something but video playback must always be active. Thank you all

This issue, right (third screen recording on my post):

Touching anything out of VSTLive, video-view dissappears and shows desktop. Regarding @musicullum ’s reply, they are looking for the solution.

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tks so much!!! really first iusse! osx ok but win there is a bug ! Tks

Fixed with the next version.
Also added “Autoload” to the “Devices/Video Monitors…” dialog. This is checked after loading a project and opens monitors on the destination screen/device is enabled.


very good !!! TOPPPPPPPP

Hi @musicullum ,
works like charm, thank you :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :clap: