Video solution. What's New?

Hello, …
What is your best-working video setup* with Nuendo 5 64bit/32bit on an i7/win7/64bit machine?
I somehow think there could be something I have not yet come across, yet…

Cheers, Big K

  • for synch work / video monitor for the voice talents

Anything but new: Blackmagik Intensity (HDMI, 720p output from QT PhotoJPEG 1280x720)

The only problem is this:

Blackmagic Decklink native codec formats Photo JPEG (Mac) and Motion JPEG (Windows) do not playback without skipping in projects with more than 50% audio processing load.

And I recall Blackmagic cards wouldn’t run Quicktime under 64-bit OS’, thanks to Apple and thanks to Steinberg putting all their eggs in one Apple basket (genius, since we all know Apple is the least likely to abandon standards…).

I’m running Nuendo 5.1.1 32bit on Windows 7 64bit and it works allright with Intensity.
If I would run Nuendo 64bit then it wouldn’t work, because of the reasons you stated.

I think that the Apple Windows programmers are still trying to find the chapter on 64bit programming. It’s probably a little bit too complicated for the poor dears. :laughing:


Is Quicktime available as 64 bit for the mac as yet either?

I must imagine/hope with Final Cut Pro X now being 64 bit it must be close.

I don’t think that the standalone (version 7.*) is 64bit yet, but there is something built into the OS, isn’t there?

However, Apple has had many years to bring out a Windows version and hasn’t managed it, so who knows. Could it be politics? Surely not. :unamused:


no comments…

but mac users I am sure suffer too.


Either way it’s not a good decision to rely on Apple. They’re known to scrap standards on a whim. it’s a decision I have as hard time finding a good reason for…


Nuendo 32 bit under Win7 x64 and OSX Snow Leopard 64 bit works fine with Aja and Blackmagic video out.

And I’m sure they will solve it for 64 bit Nuendo also, some day!

Until then, use Nuendo 5 32bit and you have video out.


Thank you all for your input.

It seems, there is not much new about the topic.
I just sent my usual weekly complaint to Apple and once more requested a 64 bit Quicktime version…
I never got as much as an answer from them. Somehow, they must have found out that I hate their guts
eversince they took out video overlay from QT 5.xx.

Btw, I have set up a new system with W7 64bit and Nuendo 5.1/32 bit on a P6T Asus Mobo ( new bios and chipset version ) and don’t get the Intensity Pro to work. I just get a black screen with white stripes… I wonder what that is now…
How easy it was, with a Parhelia and the QT video overlay feeding monitors and video from just one card… :frowning:


Which connection do you use on the Intensity (pro) ?


First of all I think they said it’s not a Steinberg issue, but instead that it’s up to Apple to get a Windows 64-bit version of Quicktime out. So in that sense SB did exactly what they’ve done before and claimed was a problem: Put their product(s) in the hands of “subcontractors”. What motivation does Apple have to provide this update?

If you’re creating a post-centric DAW then you want 100% control over all fundamental functionality. Add to that then the previous problems with the video engine, and it seems 100% “not good” to do what they did.

Secondly, if my memory serves me, I’ve seen recommendations here for people to switch to N5 64-bit to deal with memory issues, AND to use Blackmagic cards, BUT not in the same post. So it sets people up for the misunderstanding that they can get Nuendo 64-bit running with that card…

I still think this might be solved someday :-p
Wait and see.


I only use the composite out ( green Y out plug ) to feed the video monitors.

The decision to use QT as integrated video standart must have intergalactic alien reasons we can’t understand.
I, too, have critisized that already when I heard about the plan. But, what a surprise… it was not heard nor commented.
And now, we are stuck in a 64 bit DAW world without being able to use its advantages to the full because of a stupid decision and the reluctance of Apple to deliver QT64.

And we need an extra XP PC to run our Nuendo Dolby Digital Encoder for surround work …

This is the M i d d l e A g e s

I’m quite confident that you can use N5 64bit with Intensity pro soon.

Regarding composite out, you have to set the Blackmagic setting in control panel to composite and y/c, default is HDMI only. But I guess you knew that.


You either know something everyone else does not or you’re tremendously optimistic.

We’ve lived with a video engine that’s had some sort of flaw for years now. YEARS! And this for a pro post-DAW that “competes” with the industry leading app. So there’s no real reason for optimism now.

And if this is a matter of you being on the BETA team and knowing that they’re working on it, then SB is a bit dumb not to announce that an update is coming which solves this problem. Or you could tell us.

Oh, I have 2 systems up and running with N5 32bit on W7 64 bit, already, for some time, now.
It is just this new setup making trouble…
Computers, ey… :wink:

I wished I had reason to be as optimistic as you are…
Anyway, my main work is producing music… and there our DAW rocks like hell.
There is always a light at the end of the tunnel… and if it is the headlight of an express train…lol…

A triple head videocard would also be something to consider, especially when running N5 64bit. For example something like AMD Sapphire Flex HD would allow you to run a 3 monitor setup without active adapters.
Or even dual vid cards, but that did not work on my old P35 mobo.

Problem solved …
Was a mechanical problem on the MoBo. Does anybody know why it is seemingly impossible to make a slightly wider MoBo for easier placement of all those cards? 2 centimeters would already be cool.
Obviously, the designers of MoBos are just as stupid and unwordly as those guys who design computer plugs ( eSATA, optical, etc…) .

A feature request:
can we have a toggle button in the project window for easier switching between between
video play in Nuendo and, e.g., an Intensity pro? Or can I set a shortcut for that?