Video Sound not working in existing project

I have a project that I took forever to design the score for. I believe I might have started working on this project back during 3.5, and have since upgraded to 4, but I honestly don’t remember. Anyway, I have been trying like mad to attach ANY video file to it, and am not getting any video sound. Of course I’ve checked the mixer to make sure the video sound is up. I have tried everything I can find on this issue: messing with sample rates, renaming video files, doing what Daniel suggested by deleting temporary files in Terminal…

The video file type is .mov H.264 so it should be supported by Dorico.

Video files work fine in new projects, but I really need to get them to work in this existing project. I’ve been at this for hours and am absolutely at a loss, so any help is very much appreciated.

Does this particular video file also work correctly when attached to another project? Does a different video file also work correctly when attached to this project?

Hi @Consolo, please also do the following: Load that specific project and attach a video. Then choose from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks.

Video File works when attached to a New Project, and other video files (i’ve tried several) do not work in this existing project

Here you go, Ulf:
Dorico (1.6 MB)

Is the sample rate of your video that same as your sample rate in Dorico.
Sometimes folks decide (or another program decides for them) to change the sample rate from 44.1K to 48K, which puts the video sound out of sync with Dorico.

Other than “get info” I’m not sure how to check for the sample rate of the video, any suggestions on Mac? I have definitely tried setting Dorico to 44 and back a few times to no avail. Normally, Dorico is set to 48 and as I said, the videos will load into a new project at 48k with no problem. The problem seems to be this project, in particular.

Thanks for the data @Consolo .

Really strange case; you attach the video but the audio engine does not create an audio channel for the video and accordingly you don’t hear anything (from the video).
Would it be possible that you send me that project file via mail to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de? I promise to only use it for solving your case and delete it afterwards. Thanks

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Email Sent, thanks, Ulf, and good luck with it!