Video sound problem

Dear all,
I have a score that refuses to play sound from the video.
I tried with different videos and got the same result.
Could someone please load a video into it and see if they get any sound ?
It was originally a 36 track score with BBCSO instruments - I’ve scaled it down to one staff and Halion to see, if it was my machine, that couldn’t handle it.
If I load the video into another project it sounds, so theres nothing wrong with the video.
At some point I got it to play in Dorico 3.1 but not in Dorico 4 or 3.5. Forgot how…:frowning:
videosoundtest.dorico (1.5 MB)

Have you considered Daniel’s advice on this thread? There are apparently nuances in attaching videos…

Yes… - I’ve been through all the options… :face_with_head_bandage:

Yes. It has worked sometimes and not in others. Rather strange behavior

Greg Day
Day Music Services

The project file will have no influence on whether or not the video soundtrack plays. The format of the video itself and the audio setup on your computer, particularly concerning the sample rate, are the more significant factors.

My mistake!
I set the videostart offset to It has to be the timecode offset :nauseated_face:
But it puzzles me, that the video plays from the start anyway and the sound doesn’t :thinking: