Video stuttering in Cubase 9.5.10

So, sometimes the video stutters, and along with it, everything stutters. Except for audio. Audio remains fine. But everything else including mixer, meter display, mouse, transport bar etc lags and stutters.

And it becomes fine after few seconds. Again happens somewhere random.

This whole phenomenon appears to be random. Anyone else?

I am also getting same issue. But for me it happens continuously once it started to stutter. It makes me irritated as even in my previous PC it was same with Cubase 6.5, i7 920 2.67 cpu, 12gb ram, 512MB GPU and Windows 7 x64. See my latest PC in my signature and I am still getting same problem.

I have it so that everything goes like in slow motion.

Same issues here, even before maintenance update.
I already posted topic about this problem.
I tried trashing cubase preferences, reinstalling it, but nothing helps.
Btw Cubase 9.0.3 works on the same computer without any of these problems.

Same here with Windows 7 64. Rolled back to 9.5

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Well, it is sort of unbelievable to me why Steinberg did not address this serious issue in the recent 9.5.10 maintenance update. Anyways, lets see what happens.

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Did you mean 9.0.30? Cause the problem we are talking about also persisted on 9.5!

The problem persisted to me even in cubase 6.5 windows 7 but with old PC

Please steinberg reply something, I am getting serious trouble with my projects. I don’t want to loose my clients. It is such a shame and embarassing.

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I already sent support request 10 days back and still don’t know if they read the mail or not. No reply.

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If you have Nvidia card, try turning off “Nvidia Shadowplay” in GeForce Experience app.

At the moment I degraded the drivers backward with January 2017 driver version and seems fine so far

Would you please share the driver ‘version’ here?

Currently I have version 388.71

I am asking a little off from the topic. But please help me out !

Can you please tell me what software you use to encode the video to H.264
I tried with this :

but its still showing missing thumbnails.

One more issue: I dont know why, but it looks like audio and picture are delayed by milliseconds, even though I put the audio right on spot with picture. Please help !!

Well, I use ‘‘’’.

And about the delay between sound and picture, well, I have the same problem. So no idea there.

Hi Sorry for late reply.

While I rollback the driver the driver names or numbers were different, and now cannot find exact details now.

But I think it is microsoft driver released in 24 nov 2016. The driver version number is Please find the attachment.

If you are facing same issue, try to create a restore point before you do this so that if it don’t work you can restore your system back. However if it didn’t solve, you can still update driver. For me I didn’t get this issue again so far.

Let me know.

That old driver messes with windows 10’s overall graphics. Wish Steinberg addressed these serious problems soon with another update.

But thanks a lot as you at least came up with a workaround. May God bless you.

Thanks. I too hope steinberg addresses this along with microsoft and nvidia.

But I am not getting any mess with these drivers for now. I’ve not checked with any gaming, except the microsoft online gaming “March of empires-War of Lords” and it seems running fine. I haven’t played it really, just started and saw if any graphical issues, but it is fine.

What issue you are getting.