video stuttering secondary monitor

I just installed the nuendo 6 demo version and am having some video playback problems. Video is stuttering when I put the screen on my secondary monitor. Everything else looks fine on the secondary monitor. When I put the video on my main screen, the video plays back fine. Anybody else had this ? Or is this a demo only thing ? I don’t have the problem with Nuendo 5.5 or earlier.

I’m using an imac 27" i7 with an apple cinema display hooked up through the mini dvi to dvi adapter.

Hi Dirk,

I tested the problem you described and I confirm it. However, I only confirm it under !0.6.8 (Snow Leopard). There is no such problem under 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion). Sad thing is that 10.6 is no longer officially supported, and I wonder why…

I have already ordered a boxed N6 upgrade, and I still use 10.6. Now what I would like to know is whether this is a demo version problem only. Has anyone tested this issue with the full version under 10.6? I believe many people are still using 10.6, and there’s no reason to change your OS when everything is working properly. I’m still testing 10.8 and not yet convinced to change. But that’s an Apple issue.

It will be pretty disappointing if the full version has the same problem (shall I say bug?) :confused:

Afaik it’s a general Mac problem.
I’ve never seen judder free non stuttering video from any Mac’s internal GPU when a second display is attached.
I’ve tried various generation Mac Pros, Minis, MacBook Pros.
This was confirmed by a developer I spoke to who is writing video apps for OS X.


Non demo here and stuttering on second screen with iMac on Snow Leopard.
Perfect playback on another system running Mountain Lion.

The comment about Macs having choppy video playback is of course great BS.
99% of all sound to picture is made with Macs. Hardly possible with that kind of problem.

We have a specific glitch here that sure can be fixed - well, hopefully.
I am not really willing to shift 4 Snow Leo Macs up to Mountain Lion.

It clearly states under minimum requirements 10.7/8, so if you choose not to run supported a OS you have to expect that there may be problems.


Hey CoV,

I wrote about video coming from the internal graphics card when more than one monitor is attatched on OS X. You can still work with dedicated video cards or external video decks without any stuttering on macs of course.
As you can see in my signature I work on macs as well, I might be pickier about what I call smooth playback, though.

Thanks for your comments guys.
This is part of the answer I received from an SB employee in another post to my question whether it was possible to install N6 on 10.6.

Obviously not everyone, not even all SB employees, is willing to bid farewell to Snow Leo just yet.

There is no official 10.6 support for Cubase 7 either. But this problem does not exist in C7. In fact I had never come across such a problem in any Cubendo version before. My main work is writing music for picture, and the same video file runs just fine on a secondary screen in C7 under 10.6. I’m not expecting support from SB on this matter, but the reason why SB would be pushing their customers to upgrade their perfectly working OS is beyond me. I understand why Windows XP is no longer supported. It’s simply too old and can’t “handle” N6 or C7. But Snow Leo is not that old yet and obviously CAN meet the requirements of C7 and N6, otherwise they wouldn’t be installed in the first place. Many other DAWs out there start the minimum OS requirements for their latest versions with 10.6, or at most 10.6.8.

Personally, I don’t think this problem is OS-related. It’s just weird. Then again, there’s always hope for a fix in an upcoming update which is promised to address many other issues.