Video super lagging when dragging events

hi guys!

i have a big problem with my macbook M2 Max

when i have a medium project sized project, and i want to drag a bunch of parts/events around to move or copy it, the parts dont follow my mouse movements.

its very strange, like the parts are connected to a rubber band when i try to move them with the mouse.

see attached gif :confused:
cubase drag (2)

so it has to do something with the video not beeing able to keep up…

if i turn off Promotion, and set it the INTERNAL retina display to larger text @ 60hz, the main screen (Samsung 32" 4K set to 2K, direct HDMI 2.1 cable good quality) is good and the mouse works better…

in key editor is still laggy

but come on, it was totally fine for a year…now suddenly its too heavy?

for a maxed out macbook from last year, this should not happen.

are there background apps i can monitor that can somehow eat this bandwith?

im gonna go over my plugins to test later, this will take forever

my CPU is at 30%, not a lot