Video support for WL


Am I the only one to think video playback would be great for WL to have?
I do audio design for theme parks, although I work on Nuendo for multitrack, I would love to use WL for managing my mastered audio assets.
In other words, a tab-based program where I can access all audio files (hundreds sometimes) used in a specific attraction.
WL is almost perfect for that, you can switch montages in the same project… etc, only problem, there’s no video support.
Adobe Audition has it but doesn’t have the “managing” capabilities WL has.
Has it ever been requested?


I wanted to load a video in a Wavelab montage a few weeks ago. I guess you could in Wavelab 6, but I never tried it, not having the need back then. I’m not sure why video was dropped. Makes it difficult to master audio for video.

WaveLab 6 had it, to a limited extent, and that was on Windows only. It was not possible to have a solution on Mac for WaveLab 7, hence the feature was removed. And later there was more video format coming, making things more complicated. I won’t tell you there is a solution next week. But rest assured this is something not forgotten.