Video support in WL...

…is it ever coming back.? Any thoughts PG…?

As the work diversifies here, WaveLab increasingly gathering dust… want to limit the ‘app swapping’ for different tasks, as far as possible. Had a few WMV’s thrown at me of late to work with; no support for that in SB’s video engine (in Cubase). Other solutions found.

The pace of development at SB on their video engine seems glacial, so not expecting this to get updated inside the next 12 -18 months.

So, just being curious really… anyone else that bothered.?


This is definitely on the roadmap. Now, don’t ask for a schedule.

Cheeky thought - as so many videos have surround sound, the handling of that needs to be improved first…


Ok. Thank you.

In the meantime, could you enable ‘Transport Status Notifications’ to feed through to plugins from WL, such that third-party tools like ‘VidPlayVST’ plugin ( could be used.?

Its stated on their website ( under ‘Known Problems’ that WaveLab doesn’t allow this, so VidPlayVST will not work.


PS:- waiting for SB video engine solution.? No chance of a third party ‘strategic alliance’ to provide some technology.?

Thanks, I did not know this plugin. I will see what I can do for next update.

Great.! Just to finish this up here, note that it would also need to be ‘unblocked’ by WL and allowed to load, as it identifies itself as an Instrument - not an Effect plugin.

Thank you Puma0382, didn’t know such a thing existed. Will definitely need to check it out when/if it can be supported by Wavelab.

Thank you Puma0382 for bringing that up.
I’ve been hoping for Video support for a long time.
I do work for Theme Parks and Video games, I would love to use WL with its database features for hundreds of sounds and montages required.
Problem is, most audio assets I work with have a video that goes with it and i can’t display the video on WL.
I would love to see one (or more) video track per montage …that would be awesome.


Just wondering PG, if you’ve had any time to look at this plugin as yet…?



I had a look. Not more at this time.

Any progress/thoughts PG about supporting ‘Transport Status Notifications’ for this type of (VSTinstrument) plugin…?

TIA - and A Happy New Year.!

from VidPlayVST release notes - my emphasis:-
VidPlayVST is configured as an ‘Instrument’ (VSTi v2.4):
Most DAWs distinguish between ‘Instrument’ and ‘Effect’ plugins.
Instruments accept MIDI input and also internally can ‘see’ the status of the host transport.
Applications which work only with ‘Effect’ plugins (e.g. Steinberg Wavelab, Audacity) are not able to run VidPlayVST.

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There will be some support in the next big WaveLab version.