Video sync problem (D5)

I just opened my current project in the new Dorico. The video was playing back normally in D4, where I set it up. Now though, it is starting 20-ish seconds in, and I don’t see what I can do to change that.

Supplementary: I set up cues in Cubase, and exported them via MIDI. I noticed that in Cubase, I can click & drag in the video window, and jog a frame at a time. Is there a way to do that (jog, not necessarily via click & drag) in Dorico?

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You can move a frame at a time with Command-F7/F9, or you can of course redefine these shortcuts if you wish.

As for the sync problems, I wonder whether perhaps the sync was wrong in Dorico 4? We did make a change during Dorico 5 development to fix a problem where video sync was out by 20 seconds, caused by the simple tempo sync to the plug-ins for things like Groove Agent, etc.

I’m having the same issue, but with a project I’ve only worked on in DP4 (opens fine in, BTW).

On a related note: should dragging one marker mid-score move all the other markers too? I’d much rather it didn’t…

I’d be interested to see the project and the video file, if you would be so kind as to send it to me somehow.

Video in Dorico 5 won’t start at correct TC like it did in 4. Did something change in the video setup? I have re-attached the current film but it the video in 5 jumps to a later number rather than the specified start time. Video frame rate is correct.

There’s clearly no smoke without fire :slight_smile:

I will take a look at this tomorrow (I’ve got to travel to my choir rehearsal shortly) but we’ll figure out what’s going on here and if a fix is needed, provide it as soon as possible.

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Thanks Daniel. I have sent a zip via Dropbox. I haven’t saved it in D5 format.

Daniel, I’ve sent my file to you too. The video begins playback :20 ahead of the score.

Attaching a video in Dorico 5, and the video starts offset by about twenty seconds (the audio which still starts at the beginning). The same video works fine in Dorico 4.

Having the same issue with a video score that was working fine in Dorico 4 (note, audio is still synced, it’s only the video is the problem!). Glad to read I’m not going insane… TIA!

What did you deduce?

As yet, nothing, but I will get a chance to look at this later today. As you can imagine, there is rather a lot going on in the immediate aftermath of a big release, so please give us a little forbearance. Many thanks!

I have noticed that when I bring a video into Dorico Pro 5 the audio stream embedded in the video is not in sync with the picture, it plays off by quite a lot (around 20-30 seconds). I use the same video file in Nuendo 12 with no issues. I’ve tried using multiple types of video files and the same happens. Is there a possible issue with my video format? I tried QuickTime and MP4 H264.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Just a guess, but is your Dorico sampling rate (44.1 vs 48K) consistent across all these platforms, the video itself, and your audio driver software?

Welcome to the forum, Robert. We’re sorry for this problem – we are investigating and will have a fix as soon as possible.

Is it a bug? I want sure if I was using a video format that was incompatible.
Thank you for the response.

It is a bug, yes – we will get a fix for it as soon as possible.

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Hi, I have a video attached to a flow that starts in the correct spot and follows the playhead when using the fast-forward and rewind keyboard commands in Write mode or when manually moving the playhead in Play mode. However, when I push play on the transport bar in both Write and Play modes, the video starts approximately 15 seconds ahead of where it should be. The video played properly in Dorcio 4.3 Elements, but this issue occurs when running Dorico 5 Elements.

If anyone wants to look at the files, I can share Google Drive links to the Dorico 5 project and accompanying video. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. This has been reported several times and is a known issue.

Checking in on the start of week two so see if there’s any news.