Video sync

Has anyone noticed any problems with video sync drift? A couple of projects that look rock solid sync-wise in 5.5.4 don’t in 6. I haven’t done extensive tests, but there definitely seems to be something going on.

I recently brought in a 29.97 vid and encountered drift - was a DV/DVCPRO codec. I believe I either closed the video window and reopened it or simply shut down the session and reopened and it appeared to be fine then.

Hi Pez,

can you explain “video sync drift” a bit more detailed? Do you mean the video and audio get out of sync?
Is it a constant offset or as you write a drift (the longer the playback the bigger the offset)?


I’m not sure what Pez experienced, buy mine was specifically drift. Not out of sync, but as the file played on we drifted more out - the longer the pb the bigger the offset.

We also have a problem with a video sync and Nuendo 5.5.5. We work on a Mac Pro Two 2,4 GHz / 6-Core Intel Xeon / 12Gb / md771cr/a machine, with latest Lion OS. Tried lots of fomats and resolutions but it happens with all of them. And it happens allways on same places in video: audio gets in front of the video, and then gets back in sync. On certain places it is more ahead, and on certain it is less. The distance doesnt get bigger later. I would rather say it is random. This error happens in all tried formats on the same places. The only rule I manage to notice is that with a greater resolution the distance between audio and video on these same places is bigger. Perhaps it would be a better way to say that video is on certain places a bit late to audio and than catches again. Specially because the wawe aligned with the same format of video in Final cut works perfectly fine. Please, do you have any solution for the issue, my technicians and actors cannot work that way… And we cannot be sure in accuracy of the result before testing in another programs. It’s annoying and time consuming…

Golijat did solve his problem by adjusting the video device offset in the Device Setup dialog.