Video synchronization

Hello, I am using Cubase 10.0.60 and I noticed that when I’m getting a movie to be sounded, shifted in time from the previous version, e.g. by 0:00:00.035 sec, I am not able to move the video track so precisely that it fits.

Either I’m a frame further or closer.

It remains to move audio files relative to video but it can be very troublesome (you need to shift sometimes 250 tracks with automation + automation groups + folders with subfolders etc.).

Is it possible to move the film more precisely on the video track?

And if not then how to select absolutely ALL audio tracks, track automation and group automation (!), folders and subfolders and move whole by e.g. 0:00:00.035 sec by touching ONLY ONE audio block?



You can switch the Main ruler to samples and then you can shift it much more precisely (up to 1 sample).

Yes, its work. Thank You