Video (timing) in Cubase LE 5


So I am working on a project, a little video of mine. Basically I have all the video in an .mpg file and I split the sound from the video off to a separate .mp3. I import both these into Cubase LE5 (came with my Zoom R24). My basic plan is to do some voiceover/narration in parts (another track) and add some music (another track).

For the most part everything goes along fine - BUT!

For some reason the video track, using the direct viewer, doesn’t seem to consistently “sit”. Which is to say, if I start at the beginning everything stays lined up (music/narration comes in at the right time on the video, etc). However if I stop at any point the video will move to a point forward of where the rest of the tracks are. It’s like it wants to line up with the thumbnails on the video track line, even if they are not exactly representative of where the video is at on that point in the timeline. Generally the only way to “fix” this is to constantly go back to the beginning and start play over from there again. I can do this but needless to say it’s a major pain, especially when I get more than 2:00 into the vid and just want to tweak something in the soundtrack (automation, etc).

Am I missing something I should be doing? Or is this sort of a bug (ie, “That’s what Nuendo is for!”)? I can live with it if need be as my needs are simple but man is it frustrating.

There’s a Pref to choose whether thumbnails are created. Also, try putting the thumbnail track in a folder track and closing it.

Thanks MM - I seem to have stumbled across that same basic solution. The vid seems to stay in perfect sync without the thumbnails.
Seems an odd problem, but nonetheless it’s fixed and I am happy as a clam mixing my stuff - can’t tell you how excited I am! :smiley:

Thanks for your help.