Video track issues with more than 1 video file

When adding a second video to a song it´s not working ok, sometimes it only plays the first one, sometimes both, sometimes I only see a blue screen.
If add a third one none is seen. And they are just small mp4 files to test.
Same issue if they are in different video tracks.
Windows 10, VL 1.0.31

By the way, I can´t place a video (also an audio file) next to another, I mean without space between them, I have to zoom and be moving it to get it closer, there is no such an option as snap to event?

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You need to assign different video outputs (Video 1, Video 2 etc) in the track inspector.

Snap to event is not available yet, sorry.

But that it´s if I use different video tracks right? I´d rather use 1 track with 2 or 3 videos or just 1 video duplicated (to play like in loop) using a single video output as we have only 1 screen.

Didn’t get you referred to one track only. That should work, will check.

Got it. If clips with different frame rates are positioned on one video track, the player got jerky.
Will of course be fixed, thanks a lot for pointing out. For now, the workaround is to place clips with different frame rates on different tracks, feeding the same video output.

If I have different video tracks I have to set different video outs otherwise I only see one of them.

ouch…same bug, sorry. All fixed next version.