Video track slow down VL and becomes useless

i have now tried every variation of resolution, every time i load a jpg and play vst live, the program stutters and becomes useless.
I have the scores displayed this way.
I have had this problem for 2 weeks now.
I would be happy if someone had an idea to help me solve this huge problem for me.
Michael, did you not get my files?

Finally got your pic and can reproduce your problem and will report back soon. Thanks!

Hi @musicullum ,

do you think, as diving again into the video player code because of the topic above, will it be possible to improve video payback engine (fine tune it to play smooth) - as you say (with my) high demanding videos (1080p) - also? That videos were played back smooth on 6-10y old CoreDuo laptops (2010MacBook pro, and 2014SonyVaio), so it meight not be an issue for 2y old (i7,16GB,NVMe SSD,NVIDIA) laptop, playing the same projects (w.o using any stacks, layers, VST fx’s) in VST Live.

It really depends so much on the video type (codec). And we will look into hardware (graphics card) accelleration as well, but it will take some time.
It does ring a bell, so you did send a videofile sometime, correct? Sorry, it’s tough to keep track of everything. If so, just let us know the filename and we’ll find it.
At least found and fixed your problem for the next version, thanks again for reporting!

Hi! Just possibly found a good reference file for testing. In one of my visuals I was using a snippet from a commercial material. I checked now their site and there is a free sample file. I’ve downloaded and put the sample into VSTLive, unfortunatelly produces the same freezing (as my complete visual render for the song):

LINK to their free - watermarked - sample file (will download 1pc of glitter discharge in a zip file):*u755po*_ga*Njk3MzA4NTkuMTY4MTc0MDU2Mw_ga_B8PQQ8KKRZMTY4MTc0MDU2Mi4xLjEuMTY4MTc0MDYxOS4zLjAuMA…

(I know that above is 4K. My visuals are - also the one included in the “test.vlprj” I’ve sent you in PM - 1080p only. Although 4K is not an issue anymore nowadays even for smartphones)
I hope this free sample file of a commercial material will be a great testing file :slight_smile:
Plz let me know if I can do anything for this.
Appreciate your effort,

Thank you, will check this.

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Tried something, pls check again with the next version and let us know how it works out dor you.
Thanks for the sample file, it helped a lot!

:slight_smile: Can’t wait friday! Thank you for spending time.

Hi Musicullum, this has nothing to do with my problem, right?

Hi @kyru,

your problem is solved. Coming next version. @musicullum was talking about the problem of @fkalmus.

See you,

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I have loaded 2 png (score page 1 and page 2).
The program no longer stutters, but the images are not displayed. Screen remains black. Sometimes a picture is displayed, but then it does not change when the 2nd page should be displayed.
So at least I can use VL. I think it has something to do with refresh / reload!
Alex aka kyru

Thanks, will check this right away.

Correct, sorry. Fixed with the next version.