Video tracks are not displayed

Okay, I’ve been playing around with VST LIVE for a few hours now. I am not able to display a video track. Nothing happens on the video track. The sample project “Ghosts Of The Ocean” also shows nothing. A gray block appears in the video track, indicating that there is video there. Video outputs are set up under “Connections”. However, the preview monitors simply remain black during playback. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options in the video settings. Under CUBASE, the video display works fine on the same computer. Everything stays black under VST LIVE. Should the sound contained in a video file also be played under VST LIVE? Nothing happens there either. Any idea?

… you’ve opened the “Video Monitor 1” window? (VL → Menu → Devices → Video Monitors → Video : Video 1)
… and the display is black all of the time? The Video starts at 23.4.1


Yes, I open a monitor (VL → Menu → Devices → Video Monitors → Video : Video 1) and it stays black all the time. In the sample project, I went to the correct position where the video begins. But I also made a new project with only one video track and loaded the video from the example project into it. I also tried the other preview windows (Video 1 - Video 6) and loaded various other videos. There is nothing to see. The preview window stays solid black. The project cursor scrolls through the project during playback, but nothing works with the video track.
As already mentioned, the video preview in CUBASE works without problems on the same device.

I have now completely uninstalled VST LIVE, downloaded it again and reinstalled it. The problem remains.
I have now noticed that the small monitor symbol in the Inspector has no function if only Video 1 is connected as an output. If several video outputs are created under “connections”, this symbol opens the preview window of the respective output, except for the “Video 1” output. Nothing happens there. Is that correct?

It would not be correct but that’s not how it is (testing v 1.0.10).
There are 6 available Monitor Windows (there appears to be a bug preventing no. 6 to work, fixed next version). In the track output ->] you assign video1 thru video6. If not available yet, it will create a connection (asking you to name it). The monitor icon opens the assigned output. If you change it to, say, Video2, that icon will open Video Monitor 2 window, no? If you assign a second video track a different video port you can play both tracks each having its own window. No?
If this is all wrong pls. describe what you do step by step, thanks!

…but just noticed there is a bug when selecting from the Devices menu, all monitors will show the track video, this is wrong and will be fixed, sorry. It should be such that only the output view should show the resp. tracks’ video.

It is working. If I create multiple video tracks, the monitor icon opens the correct monitor, unless it has been connected to video 1. Then the button doesn’t work.
It’s just a pity that the monitors don’t display a video image in my program and simply remain black.

And one more question that no one has been able to answer for me yet. The video in the example project contains sound. Should this be played when playing the video track, or is it just playing the video with no sound? And would there be some sort of preview in the video track like the other tracks? So little thumbnails or something like the notes on the MIDI tracks or the waveforms on the audio tracks? Depending on the length of the video file, I simply see a gray block that I can move, but otherwise nothing else happens. No video, no sound, no preview. Nothing.

Very interesting. I have no idea what happened again, but the monitor icon no longer works at all. In no way. I created a new project and first added two, then three video tracks. I can now make connections however I want, the monitor button now doesn’t work on any track at all. No function. :frowning:

You were right that the Devices/Menu choice of Video Monitors always opens Video 1, sorry for that, it will be fixed along with the other problem mentioned before. With those fixes, it all works fine here. Next update will be available very soon.
In the meantime it should also work as long as you just assign and open one view for each track with the track monitor item once (!), and avoid the Devices/Video Monitors selection.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

What is your system and graphics card?

I tried a few vids, some work, some didn’t. Two things:

There is a timecode running on top of the video. That’s a bit uncool when I wan’t to beam that on the backdrop.

Please let us define a pic or video loop, as a default that always get’s shown, when no video is playing. So like a pic (the logo of the band for example) between the videos you beam. Now the screen get’s blue after a video is over.

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really cool idea! +1

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I have tested the Video-Track. I assigend it to Monitor 2 (there are two physical Montitors available) and I created the Output for the Video-Track as “Video-Spur” to Device Video2. Nothings happend. I also opend the Video Monitor for Video 2 (The Window that opens always is named “Video Monitor 1”) But there is no video during playback. See…

Question : Is it possible to use Images (JPG/PNG) in the Video-Track so that this Image is shown during Playback? I also droped an JPG in the Video-Track. The Image is shown int the Track itself in VST LIVE but nothing is shown during playback.

I like the idea of defining a “default” Image (for the case, that a video-track is available but empty) But I also ask for the function to use Images in the Videotrack (to be displayed on Beamers or Displaywalls) snyct to the timeline to the song.

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Please update VST Live, this has been fixed in version 1.0.10

True, added to wishlist.

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Try to assign the video output in the video track (as you did) and then use the icon in the track to open it. Choosing a monitor from the menu is broken, always opens “Video Monitor 1”, sorry. Fixed very soon.
Currently, there is no assiciation of “Video Monitor 1” etc to physical monitors. We will add a panel soon where you can assign these video views to physical monitors, incl. fullscreen option.

Good idea. Surprised that you can drop images there, though :slight_smile:

I would really appreciate it if images could also be displayed in the video track - or if there could be a dedicated images spurt for display via beamer/video wall. Even if that sounds “lame” at first, it can be used very creatively.