Video-Tutorial: Cubasis & SampleTank

I made a little video tutorial today showing my method of using SampleTank within Cubasis. While we all wait for IK Multimedia to get on the Audiobus this seems to be some kind of a practicable workaround…correct me if I am wrong :wink:

Find it here:

Excellent tutorial. Hopefully ST gets on the bus soon but for now, this is how it’s done. Thanks for sharing.

Great tutorial, thanks a lot, however the trick does not seem to work with the free sampletank (which is rather useless anyway)

Could you be more precise? Which step doesn’t work? I thought the only difference between the free and the full version was the number of instruments included.

Oops sorry, actually it works. The sampletank free I downloaded yesterday crashed today so I deleted it and downloaded a new one and it works like a charm now. Sorry for the disturbance. And thanks for the trick, very useful if I get the full version.


The trick does not work anymore with the last ST update 1.4. I have the full version. Or is it me ? Can anybody else confirm this ?

Still works for me. I updated ST yesterday. Double check you midi and background audio settings. (Midi controller on, background audio on, dock compatability set to A or B depending on which works best).

You’re right, it is still working. However I had to change the midi channel from ch 1 to ch 2 or ch all for ST in cubasis. In previous version ch 1 was just fine.

Anyway thanks for your help.

Glad you got it working. IK has stated that the next version of ST will have Audiobus support. Hopefully they won’t make us wait too long. :wink:

Thank you. And yes Audiobus will make ST one of the must have app. Right now it’s a pain in the neck to import audio within the daw.


Sorry for topic. Since there is 40% sales with ST, I still want to ask those who bought and use many apps, is sampltank worth to buy or music studio or nlog synth? Any suggestions?

I also want to know which these can control vst instrument in PC via virtual midi?

Help please…

What kinds of sounds do you find yourself using more?
SampleTank has great samples of real instruments, drums, piano, bass guitar, guitar, horns, strings, ethnic, melletron strings/flutes/vox as well as great synth lead/pads.

Sorry, I have no experience control synth apps on PC.

I’m mostly using and love organic sounds like you mentioned. But I can see you use alchemy, music studio, etc. which among them compared to ST is better?

Anyone who are experienced in using ipad for controlling vst in PC?