Video tutorial on using Groove Agent

I found quite a bit of using Groove Agent was not intuitive, and ran into “odd” outcomes when using it. Reading the manual is a hard task…

Looking for online tutorials, youtube has several

In my opinion the free series from “One man and his songs” is the best. Thorough, insightful, and makes few assumptions about prior knowledge.

What other online learning do people recommend?



Thanks for the tutorial !

Definitely worth watching Anthony’s tutorals. He covers EVERYTHING. I have learned loads. And also about Steinbergs bugs and ideosynchronies, which has been useful too. Highly recomended.

Yes - thanks for this. Very informative series of videos.

Huge thanks for the recommendation! These GA5 videos are very informative, as well as Anthony videos on Halion 6.

I just finished watching the series. I like how he calls it as he sees it and he points out the problems and inconsistencies too.