Video View management

Hi all,

I point out what appears to me to be incorrect management of the Devices > Video Views… settings.

In particular I am referring to the Open Fullscreen and Always on the Top settings which I would expect stored within the project and which instead seem lost when reloading the project.

Furthermore, the way of changing the values of the two settings mentioned Open Fullscreen and Always on the Top is strangely different, one through a context menu, the other through a click that toggles the value: it would probably be the case to standardize the way of changing the two settings.

Thank you for your attention and support provided.

Is there anyone who can tell me something about this little issue of mine? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, we are preparing for todays’ version, and this issue has not made it to the top of the list yet. But you are not forgotten!

Thank you @musicullum, I look forward to these small issues being addressed :slightly_smiling_face:

We could not manage a fix for Fridays’ version yet, it is more complicated than expected. But we’re on it and confident for a fix for the next version. At least, we did make both options one-click switchable for more standardized operation.

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Hi @musicullum ,

I had noticed the standardization introduced on the boolean type properties of the Video View management, I remain confident that we will soon be able to save the state of the properties as well as requested.

Thanks as always for the support. :blush:

Fixed next version.


Hi @musicullum,

the issue has been fixed with 1.2.7 software version.

Thank you very much. :blush: