Video window always on top optional

Is there an option to keep the video window from being always on top? When I open the mixer, part of the mixer is covered up by the video window. For my workflow, it would be nice if the mixer could come in front of the video window. Is this possible?



Right-click to the Video Player window, and select Fullscreen Mode. Then the Video Player is always on top. Unfortunately in smaller size of the window, there is no “Always on top” option.

I would recommend you to use Workspaces and organize your windows the way you want to.

I’m looking for the opposite of what you’re describing. I don’t want the video window always on top, as is the default.

Then you have to put the other window on top.Since Cubase 8 this is not an option for the MixConsole, so again, you have to set it to the Fullscreen Mode.