Video window in Cubase 5

I use Cubase 5 extensively. I also use Propellerhead Reason to do alot of arranging. I usually compose in Reason, then use Cubase and Reason together with rewire for mixing and such.

I was working on the score for a film trailer, and wanted to compose in reason while viewing the sync’ed video in cubase. Unfortunately, the video window disappears whenever I click over to Reason. It reappears when I switch back to Cubase, but I would like the video window to stay put while I am editing parameters in Reason. Is there any way to do this?

If anyone is unclear about what my problem is, I can record a screen-capture video to show you. Thanks in advance for any replies!

As I know (and understand you), there is no way you can save the full monitor frame preview of Cubase beeing outside the application. However - as I imagine what you want to achieve - there is quite convinient way to work with two applications and video preview simultanously.

  1. You need at least two graphic cards (3 video outputs) and 3 monitors.
  2. The main Cubase window you schould streched to the second monitor. Because the new 5.5 update works better with quicktime, it let you change the dimension of the preview window = you can put it on the whole of the second monitor.
  3. On the third you have your Reason main window (there and only there, because in other way one application shadow another).
    So be it :slight_smile:
    I hope I help you.

wellllll I see you understand part of the problem. But the video window isnt hidden by anything, it simply disappears. Here’s a video of how it behaves.

this is with Reason 5 rewired to Cubase 5.

Had a look at your video. Not at my machine right now but can you right click on the video window and see if ‘always on top appears’? If it does select it. If that’s not an option that comes up try resizing the cubase project view window so it occupies the space below your video window, I’m thinking that maybe the video is just hiding behind the project view window?

[quote=“mesaone”]wellllll I see you understand part of the problem.

I saw your video (in that case picture tells better than words :slight_smile:. Now I figured out what you need and even i probably understand the whole of your problem :slight_smile:, I gave you not the right answer :frowning: .
I’ve checked it. YES - you can have the full monitor preview (on the second screen - not window), and that’s probably the only way to be able to correct something in application outside Cubase and have the video preview the same time. Even if your preview window is outside the Cubase’s “desktop”, anytime you click on the window of the other application, preview dissapears - and there is no option ‘always on top’ what Viking did mention.
So, probably you can divide one monitor to work in both - Cubase and Reason apps, but you need at least the second one to play full screen video preview.

Ok, well I just bought a second monitor :laughing:

I’ll try what you said. If I understand correctly, a full-screen video window will NOT disappear? I have to clear space on my desk to get both screens up and running, but I will try that as soon as I get set up.

As long as reason and the cubase video are not on the same screen you should be allright.

ok then! good news for me. I don;t have room for one of those NTSC monitors that we use at school for editing, so the second LCD will have to do the trick.