Video window is screwed up

Something serious has happened here… - I load a video into a score, but the video is pushed right to the last quarter of the video window. It happened after following Paul Wamsleys advice in another thread because I didn’t have any sound from the video. That problem was user error with the timecode and sound works now

I tried different videos and different scores… - same problem. See attached…

The video plays nicely in Cubase and other apps.
Please help!
Update: Reinstalling Dorico didn’t help. The problem persists… :face_with_head_bandage:

ok… I found out it’s because I have the video on my second monitor, which has a smaller resolution.
Dragging the video to the main monitor and resizing the window helped, and I can now drag it back to the second monitor. But if I resize it there I’m in trouble again…

I have a very similar problem with scoring to video & have been unable to solve it.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

We are looking into a similar problem ourselves at the moment. It appears that the video window doesn’t cope well with variance in the display scale factor between different displays, or possibly even that high scaling values (as you might typically use on a 4K display) cause problems on their own. As I say, we’re looking into this at the moment.

It’s the same video engine in Cubase and it works fine there :thinking:

The same video engine, but a different means of displaying the video, given the very different technological foundations of Cubase and Dorico.