How can I make Cubase use GPU for video decoding?

I have to mix a project where the picture is very important, and video is unplayable while plugins use not more than 40% of the processor. When I open the video CPU usage goes to 90%, I can still hear everything but the video is not moving. I need a solution. External video syncing perhaps? I am furious to the point I will stop using Cubase if this is not fixed soon.

Might be easiest to encode the video in a lower quality (720P or 1080P). I notice that videos encoded with settings optimized for YouTube or Vimeo usage tend to run smoothest in Cubase.

I had this problem some month ago and the cause was video driver. I updated the graphics card driver and video track plays absolutely smooth.
Now I’m doing audio post with a video track in apple prores 1080p on a windows computer.

I tried everything, latest drivers for everything, but the problem is that Cubase uses CPU for video decoding. Lowering the resolution or quality of the video is ridiculous, it is not raw 4K video, it is simple 4GB 1080p video file. And downscaling will work until the point that CPU cannot process 720p.

Still frustrated.