I made this with Cubase 5.5.3 and vegas movie studio 10. feel free to critique or insult.

thanks for watching if you did.

nice playing. nice plugins! was that izotope compressor? liked the security camera with timecode effect on the video. only negative thing is i’d say ditch the cap for some shots. viewers like to see a face. (reminds me of the film “enemy of the state” , where gene hackman never looks up because of spy satellites!).

thanks a lot Eddie, yea that was izotope Alloy. I like to hide my face because I don’t like my face. :slight_smile:

Pretty good stuff :sunglasses:

I like this! :sunglasses:
But the kick is loosing power at some beats here and there.

thanks philter!

thanks jobu, you might be right. at the last minute I thought it kicked a little too hard so I tried to tame it a bit, maybe the compressor settings could have been better or I might have accidentally set a few kick velocities too low.

Most enjoyable to watch, and some great music too! :wink:
I’ve been thinking of doing something similar (visually)
but you beat me to it. Nice work!

Yep, very nice! :sunglasses:


Cool, nice song and nice video :slight_smile:

looked like you were enjoying the moment.
coolness, I enjoyed watching it

Nice work. I liked it.
Now, I will have to get a video camera.

thanks PD, I’ve seen a lot of videos like this so I borrowed their ideas, it’s a nice cheap way to add some visual. do it up!

thanks HfH, looks like you play the sax. I did an internet collaboration with a sax player, an older guy sent me a sax line recorded to a metronome and I added some music to it, it was like sax Metal. this was before I was using Cubase so the recording doesn’t have the highest quality but it was different.

thanks a lot Straphoid!

thanks a lot bluebob, I did have fun doing it even though it wasn’t a lot of fun lining up everything up in vegas, it came out of sync so it was a lot of nudging to get it right.

thanks jaslan! other than the webcam on my netbook I used a very cheap camera, I just found one on amazon for $46 I have Komplete 7 the solos in this were done with guitar rig 4. I won’t be upgrading for a while, at the least until it gets cheaper like maybe next summer or something…