Videoplayer/plugin crash on 2nd monitor


I have had this issues since cuabse 10, but I recently upgraded to 10.5 and it still persists. (Doesnt happen in version 9)

I am running a dual-monitor setup (both 1080p) and every time I move the video player, or some (I believe gpu accelerated plugins) to my 2nd monitor, they will freeze and crash cubase. The video player screen turns white and everything stops responding. This is a huge issue, which makes composing to picture a huge pain.

What I tried so far: I did a clean install of all nvidia components and drivers to no help. I also tried matching the monitors refresh rate etc. but changes nothing, including setting the other monitor as my priority monitor. I already contacted support but it isnt being much help so far, so I thought I’d ask here. I can see it is clearly a graphics related issue, but no idea on how to solve it.

Some specs:

GTX 980
32gb ra
Everything runnin on ssd’s.
Monitors: 144hz 1080p + 60hz 1080p


Hi and welcome,

Attach the *.dmp file, please.

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps


Cubase doesn’t create crash files from these freezes for some reason. I always have to close it manually through task manager after it freezes.


Use Microsoft ProcDump utility then, please.