Videos for 3.5 don't play sound in 3.5

I’ve just installed Dorico Pro 3.5. The instruction videos in the Hub play but without sound. They do play with sound on YouTube (but not if the YouTube button is pressed in 3.5; I have to call up YouTube from outside 3.5.) The music I’ve created in Dorico 3.1 and (so far) in 3.5 plays just fine, so the sound problem seems to be special to the videos. No big deal…but is this soundless video problem special to my setup?


Do you by any chance have Dorico set to seize exclusive control of your sound card in Device Setup? That would prevent outside programs from producing sound while Dorico was open/active.

Yes, Derek; I had given my PC’s ASIO driver exclusive control of the sound from Dorico. Removing that control indeed lets me hear the Video audio in Dorico. I must admit, I can’t remember why that control was set…possibly for other problems a long time ago. I did check that Audacity, for example, works without giving Dorico exclusive control – although previously only when Dorico was turned off. I’ll keep the exclusive setting off until another problem arises.

Thanks for your quick help.


When I first installed Dorico 1.0, I found that for a while I could only get sound if I gave Dorico exclusive control. (Why, I have no idea.) But then suddenly I could get sound without giving the device exclusive control; so I reset it and have left it that way ever since with no problems. So I thought that would be the first thing to ask you to check, and I’m glad it worked for you.