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many helpful video tutorials are being posted in this forum and we highly appreciate this. However, it is a pity that they gradually disappear with new posts. To prevent this, I want to collect them in this thread.

Cubasis Performance Setup (Basic)
4 tips for working in Cubasis for iPad in an efficient manner.

Cubasis recording Guitarism thru JamUp via Audiobus
Recording some guitar from the Guitarism app through JamUp Pro via audiobus into Cubasis.

MIDI out to Sunrizer & Audiobus back in
This video shows how to send MIDI out to other apps and then reroute the audio out from those other apps back into Cubasis.

Audiobus To Cubasis Quick Tutorial
How to use Audiobus to record multiple apps into your fav DAW. Using DM1, Sunrizer, and Bismark bs-16i to record into Cubasis.

Tutorial on audio copy/paste
Tutorial on audio copying and pasting into Cubasis. 2 different approaches.

Cubasis & SampleTank
A little tutorial that explains how MIDI data from Cubasis can be used not only to trigger SampleTanks virtual instruments, but also how to re-import SampleTank tracks back into Cubase as audio files.

Feel free to add links to other tutorials and videos regarding Cubasis.

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Cubasis to Cubasis Recording Via Audiobus
Assigning Cubasis as both the input slot and output slot in Audiobus.

One Touch Chords In Cubasis
Learn the benefits of using and editing One Touch Chords in your Cubasis workflow.

Cubasis To iMovie Workflow
Learn how to easily share your mixdowns for use in iMovie for iPad.

Cubasis Audio Select/Split/Erase Tutorial
How to get rid of unwanted portions of your recorded audio wave forms.

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Terrific idea.

Just to let everyone know that rather than posting more tutorials further down this thread, I will will continue to update my earlier post above with any new tutorials from me.

Thanks Frieder. All very useful.


Thank you! Those just helped me a bunch!

Thanks for this helpful for me

I wonder if somebody will be willing to create video tutorial for how-to do record MIDI in step mode.
For example, I am ( and I believe many other people around ) having great difficulties to understand how to record drums not in real time.
We will appreciate if somebody post a tutorial how to make couple of bars in step mode.

thanks for the video, It help me so much.

This made my job easy. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for tutorial, saved my time! I’ve found X Drummer to be a great tool for both writing and recording recently. Drums from the APP have ended up on numerous finished tracks. However, I wanted more control - to be able to mix them like a real kit in Cubasis 2. You can’t do this with a stereo WAV so here is how I export the drums separately. Getting more from Ruismaker Noir in Cubasis, transferring projects from 2 to 3, recording Cigar Box Guitar, Bass and Mandolin, Cubasis 3 tips and more

Hi there. So many useful information. Thanks for sharing it.