Vienna ensemble-Cubase track presets-how?

Hello all,

With some time on my hands a a new computer I have loaded my old machine up as a vienna slave. i have a couple of licenses from Vienna ensemble pro 4 which, now I’ve dissabled ASIO guard on is working perfectly.

So: my question, how do i save the instrument and midi tracks I’ve created in cubase so I can add them to a project if needed rather than starting from scratch? My slave vienna session is saved but i can’t for the life of me get cubase to save the instrument and it’s outputs with corresponding midi tracks.



I use VEP mainly for orchestral templates that I don’t have to tweak sounds on. I have a Pianos template that I load in my main comp (32gb of ram is not enough ram on my slave) and my orchestral template on my slave. I’ve created several Cubase templates and, because I don’t use orchestral stuff that often, I created a Cubase template with everything AND all the orchestral stuff. With this fantastic new feature in Cubase 10.5, anytime I can go load my entire orchestral folder in seconds using “import from project”. It remembers all FX, VEP channels, routing etc.

Peter thanks I tried import from project but it only imported the midi tracks it didn’t import the VE instrument and routing/tracks.

which version of VE pro are you on?

edit: just seen your sig Vienna 7. I’m still on 4 works perfectly and I don;t need the bells a whistles from the new version. Perhaps this is a limitation with my old version.


Did you see the VEP VSTi tracks in the import view?

I’ve include 3 screen shots of my orchestral folder import screen. The last is the important one as it shows the 8 VEP VSTis at the bottom (in blue).
When you save your original VEP template in Cubase, make sure everything is routed correctly and placed in a folder (with VEP VSTiI(s). This makes a piece of cake to import.

Pete thanks for doing this much appreciated,I’m pretty sure I did but I’ll need to check this again today.

step 1: open slave Vienna instance.
step 2: open any cubase project.
step 3: Import from project and choose the midi and VE intsrtument tracks from a working VE project

in theory that should load the VE instrument in the rack with the midi channels routed to it ready and connected to the slave?


Yes, but you have to have created a Cubase project with your VEP loaded, outputs enabled and routed, and necessary midi tracks created.
For instance, start with a template that you use all the time that has whatever FX, Group, Audio, Folder and VSTi channels you normally use.
Then load one (or more, I use eight) instance of VEP, activate needed outputs and add midi channels. Make sure each VEP output is labelled and routed to the correct group (I have my orchestral stuff going to a “orchestral group” which then goes to a “VSTi” group etc.) with whatever FX sends you need. Then create however midi tracks you need to send to the VEP VSTi. You can also select which VEP output for each midi track in the inspector which is handy (and a good reason to label every VEP output). Now, when you save this new “VEP” template (with all your default stuff), you can use it to “Import From Project”
BTW I use Track VSTis rather than Rack.