Vienna Epic Orchestra €55

thought it might be! I like this patch and it’s the only thing from Epic Orchestra I’ve used so far afaik. The main problem is that the lower range is much quieter than the upper though with violin-dominating pieces like yours, you notice this less. For this kind of eventuality, it would be great to have a pitch range filter in Dorico to allow dynamic compensation – something which I suspect a few of us have requested before.

@dko22 In the Synchron Player it is possible to adjust the Dynamic Range. You can activate it in the Control Tab bij clicking on the plus and assign a cc to Dynamic Range. After that you can insert it in the Perform Tab by clicking on the plus there. It works very well.

of course Synchron, as with most library players, can adjust the overall dynamic range (as you can in various ways in Dorico itself) but I can’t see a way in the Synchron player – I’m looking at dynamic compression CC30 here which I’m guessing is what you mean but correct me if I’m wrong–to adjust the dynamic balance so that there is a scaled boost only to the notes towards the lower end which is what’s needed here? Have I missed something?

Dynamic Range is another parameter as Dynamic Compression. When you set both parameters on zero you get the loudest pppppp. The way you can find Dynamic Range I described above. And that ‘very well’ depends on which patch you are using, I discovered now. But I think with both parametes together you can get workable result (I hope)

ok, I see that now as part of the by default hidden extra controllers, there is indeed a separate dynamic range option. Nonetheless, as expected, this simply applies a fixed dynamic range to the entire playing range without any ability to scale by pitch. The main effect with the Appassionata Strings zeroing this is simply to make everything louder, though the boost is slightly greater with the lower notes. Still, overall, this approach seems to me to cause at least as many problems as it solves with this library as of course the strings will be completely unbalanced compared to the rest of the orchestra and merely lowering the overall strings volume in the mixer for instance is not entirely a solution, either.

Still – worth knowing about, thanks!