Vienna Instr Pro blacklisted

As I have VSL Vienna Instrument Pro, I considered I could uninstall the basic version Vienna Instrument. I did that mistake a week ago.
It was an error, I understood that when launching Cubase 10 yesterday: no more VI of course, as it was uninstalled, but VI Pro was no more available!

VI Pro had been blacklisted, certainly because of the uninstallation of the basic VI.

Blacklist: what a pity!
Previously I was told I had to leave El Capitan: OK! I installed High Sierra, no more blacklisted plugins! But now, with Mojave I had to install to use Cubase 10.5, the problem is back…

I don’t speak of 10.5 that is unusable: in the Score Editor quite often it’s very difficult to change values (beginning, end of a note; velocity etc…)
much power needed (around 3x more than in v10), weird display, for instance, a C# on the staff played C ??? and so on …

I just speak of v10, that I thought I would use until …Cubase 11. Please, give me a solution so I can use my plugins! All are up to date, and I have a license for each of them of course.
What’s hurting me, I saw on the forum, just before writing this topic, that graphic issues are not just for Mac :-/
I work on Cubase till the beginning, when it was ‘Pro 24’. Recently, on macOS High Sierra, I used v10.0.40, which included ARA technology, it was marvelous!!! Expression maps for midi tracks and Melodyne for audio ones …Cubase was fantastic!
Please Steinberg Team, tell me there will be an answer …
Best regards,


You are mixing up several topics here, so I will focus to the one, which is in the title.

Can you just Reactivate the plug-in from the Blacklist? Does VSL have the proper Apple signature?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for helping me. Concerning VSL Vienna Instrument Pro 2, I don’t know but the free and basic version, Vienna Instrument is still on the white list.

When my Mac was running El Capitan the blacklisting was completely weird, NI Reaktor 6 was blacklisted while Reaktor 5 was not. It is just an example.

Everything was fine with macOS High Sierra. I let it and installed macOS Mojave which was required to run Cubase 10.5. I wish I can downgrade to

High Sierra and use Cubase 10.5!

Yes, I have reactivated VIPro from the Blacklist, but I wonder if I can use it without Cubase crashing…


NI Reaktor 6 is shaky and there are builds (updates) which just don’t work at all and don’t pass the Cubase tests. If yo are lucky and you install Reaktor 6 with a working build for the first time and the extensive Cubase test pass thru, the plug-in extensive test is not triggered anymore for any Reaktor 6 update. Only the quick-test is applied then. This is probably the reason, why did it work with your old system, but it doesn’t work (I mean, it was blacklisted) on the new one.

When the plug-in (VIPro2) was blacklisted, that means something is wrong with the plug-in. So unfortunately you cannot be sure, if the plug-in will crash Cubase.